Love how my students are able to work independently and still have fun learning.

Heather Ward, Hargrove Elementary, NC

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Lymboo Math – Excel with confidence!

Build true proficiency in math

To be truly proficient in math a child must demonstarate the ability to comprehend a problem and apply skills necessary to solve it accurately and quickly. Lymboo Math provides the ingredients for children to really understand math from all it's various perspectives. The comprehensive and rich content, and the emphasis on not just accuracy, but also speed and consistency, will empower your children to attain true mastery of math concepts.

360° of real, useful math

Lymboo Math content is organized in a manner that emphasizes gradual learning and facilitate deeper understandng of math concepts. Various topics and skills are introduced from multiple perspectives covering the entire gamut of problem types: basics, applied, critical thinking, and problem solving. Real, useful math shows students how math is used in real life. With virtually unlimited number of computer-generated problems, there is always sometihng new on Lymboo Math to stimulate your child's mind!

Math with you forever

Practice makes perfect! Yet, without constant reivew, it's so easy to forget what was learned just a short while ago. Lymboo Math provides a unique environment for both focussed practice and for mixed-review practice. While focused practice promotes a strong familiarity of a concept, it's the mixed-review practice that ensures children really understand a given topic. Mixed-review practice assignments promote context-switching skills that are so crucial to success in life. When your children practice Lymboo Math they are guaranteed to retain all that they have learned.

Stay informed, stay on top

Lymboo Math provides intuitive, useful analysis and reports to parents and teachers. As a parent/teacher you can review the performance of your children, the amount of time they have spent doing work, how far over or away they are from the targets set for each skill, etc. Additionally, the reports also show which skills your child is excelling at and which ones he/she needs help with. With such useful reports you are always in the know!

Serious math practice, yet rewarding

Musicians practice their instruments daily to be good at it. Athletes do the same. So, why should practicing math be any different? At Lymboo Math we have designed the problems (for each of the math concept) to be attractive to children. Comprehensive problem types include – multiple-choice, fill-in the blanks, visual, interactive, and more. This variety keeps your children excited about learning math. To top it all, they just can't wait to collect all those trophies for doing math. They get what they want, and you get what you want!