Stage K2


  • Represent addition and subtraction with models and objects
  • Add and subtract numbers up to 10
  • Comprehend and solve simple word problems using addition and subtraction
  • Develop critical thinking skills involving addition and subtraction
Unit 1: Addition up to 10

Students learn to add numbers up to 10. They understand addition as putting together or adding to.

Unit 2: Basics of subtraction

Students understand subtraction as taking away, taking from, or removing from a group.

Unit 3: Addition and subtraction word problems

Students learn to comprehend simple word problems and apply addition and subtraction skills to solve them.

Unit 4: Addition - critical thinking

Students learn to solve problems using addition skills.

Unit 5: Subtraction - critical thinking

Students learn to solve problems using subtraction skills.

Unit 6: Mixed addition and subtraction

Students practice problems involving addition and subtraction of single-digit numbers.