Stage 3


  • Compare numbers up to 100
  • Compare and order three or more numbers
  • Comprehend and solve word problems involving comparison and ordering of numbers up to 100
  • Identify US coins by name and value
  • Solve problems involving addition, subtraction, comparison, and composition of money amounts
  • Develop understanding of fractions
  • Represent and compare fractions in graphical and number forms
  • Comprehend word problems involving fractions
Unit 1: Introduction to comparison

Students learn to compare numbers and quantities. They also learn concept of estimation.

Unit 2: Money

Students learn about money - names and values of coins.

Unit 3: Money arithmetic

Students learn to apply arithmetic skills of addition, subtraction and comparison to solve money problems. They also learn to comprehend simple word problems related to money and use learned skills to sovle them.

Unit 4: Introduction to fractions

Introduction to fractions.