Stage 27


  • Use multiplication and division skills to compute factors, GCF and LCM of numbers
  • Understand, identify and use other forms of fractions - ratio, percentage and proportion
  • Convert and compare between fractions, decimals, percentages, and ratios
  • Comprehend, represent and solve word problems involving rations and percentages
  • Develop critical thinking skills around fractions, decimals, ratios and percentages
  • Apply arithmethic skils to solve real world problems involving money amounts
  • Solve challenging multi-step problems to hone information processing, data-relevance and guess-and-check skills
Unit 1: Factorization

Students learn to identify factors of a number. They also learn to idenfity prime and composite numbers based on factorization.

Unit 2: GCF and LCM

Students learn the concept of greatest common factor and least common multipler. They also learn to calculate GCF and LCM.

Unit 3: Other forms of fractions - ratios and percentages

Students learn concepts of ratio and percentage. they also learn about their meanings, utility and relationship with fractions.

Unit 4: Ratio and percentage - equivalency, conversion and comparison

Students learn to identify equivalency and conversion between various forms of percentges.

Unit 5: Ratio and percentage - word problem

Students learn to comprehend word problem and identify ratio or percentage used.

Unit 6: Ratio and percentage - critical thinking

Students learn to apply ratio and percentage skills from different perspectives.

Unit 7: Money

Students apply algebra skills to solve problems with money amounts. They learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide larger amounts of money - both whole numbers and decimals.

Unit 8: Money - word problems

Students learn to comprehend given word problem and solve using money amounts and arithmetic.

Unit 9: Word problem involving information processing

Students learn to comprehend the word problem and process information to determine if given information is enough to solve the problem.