Stage 16


  • Recognize, write, and count numbers up to millions
  • Compare and order sets of numbers
  • Recognize, construct, and extend skip-counting sequences
  • Work with place values up to millions
  • Use place value properties to solve problems of number composition
  • Round numbers up to the nearest million
  • Apply rounding skills to solve money and arithmetic problem
Unit 1: Numbers and counting to millions

Students learn numbers in millions.

Unit 2: Comparison, ordering and sequences

Students learn to compare and order large numbers up to millions. They also learn to identify number patterns involving very large numbers.

Unit 3: Place values of numbers in millions

Students learn about place values of numbers in millions.

Unit 4: Place values - problem solving

Students learn to solve simple problems involving place values.

Unit 5: Rounding

Students learn to round numbers up to the nearest millions. They also learn to apply rounding to quickly estimate results of addition and subtraction