Stage 14


  • Understand, identify, and extend linear and geometric patterns involving all four arithmetic operations.
  • Simplify, compare, and order fractions and use this knowledge to solve problems
  • Recognize mixed numbers as a way to represent fractions
  • Understand decimal numbers
  • Understand, represent, convert, and compare between various representation of fractions
  • Apply knowledge of fractions to solve problems involving money
Unit 1: Number patterns - whole numbers

Students learn to identify linear, geometric, and increasing growth number patterns of whole numbers.

Unit 2: Fraction manipulation

Students learn to compare, order, and simplify fractions.

Unit 3: Introduction to mixed numbers

Students learn about improper fractions and mixed numbers. They also learn to convert from one to the other.

Unit 4: Introduction to decimal numbers

Students learn to relate fraction and decimal numbers. They also learn to convert between fractions and decimal numbers.

Unit 5: Comparison, ordering and sequences of decimal numbers

Students learn to compare and order decimal numbers. They also learn to identify decimal number sequences.

Unit 6: Money

Students continue to improve their understanding of money. In addition to counting, comparing, adding and subtracting larger amounts, they learn to multiply and diving money amounts. They learn to read price sheets and solve problems related to shopping.