Stage 10


  • Geometry
    • Understand shapes by attributes such as sides and angles
    • Identify symmetry, similarity, congruency
    • Identify various geometric transformations of two dimensional shapes
    • Calculate area and perimeter of complex rectangular shapes
  • Measurement
    • Describe length, weight, and volume in customary and metric units
    • Convert between various units of length, weight and volume
  • Data analysis
    • Organize and interpret data from line plots, line graphs, venn diagrams and coordinate graphs
Unit 1: Geometry

Students continue to identify, describe, and classify more geometic shapes and solid figures. Advanced topics covered in this unit include identification of congruency, simple symmetry (with and without a line of reference), and geometric transformations.

Unit 2: Measurement

Students learn to convert and compare different units of measurement in both customary and metric systems. They solve word problems that use such conversion skills.

Unit 3: Line charts, line plots, Venn diagrams and coordinate graphs

Students learn to organize data into various charts, plots and diagrams.

Unit 4: Introduction to perimeter and area

Students are introduced to the concepts of perimeter and area. They recognize perimeter and area as attributes of two-dimensional shapes. Students apply their basic knowledge of addition to compute perimeter of various geometric shapes, first without using any units of measurement, and later using customary and metric units. Similarly, students recognize that area can be measured by covering geometric shapes by squares with sides of unit length.

Unit 5: Time

Students learn about weeks, months and seasons, and learn to read a calendar. They continue to learn to read time using analog and digital clocks, and solve problems related to sequence of events using skills of addition and subtraction.

Unit 6: Mode, median and range

Students learn to calculate mode, median, and range of data sets. They also learn to compare two data sets using data statistics.

Unit 7: Introduction to probability

Students learn basic concepts of probability as various degrees of likelihood.