Lymboo Math — the only personalized, structured, and rigorous online math program.

» Rich K–5 curriculum – beyond Common Core Standards

» Personalized, adaptive, and dynamic

» Practice structure promotes mastery & retention

» Self-paced program develops independent learning skills

» Most effective program for blended learning

25,000+ classrooms use Lymboo Math!

Teachers and parents use Lymboo Math to provide personalized and differentiated learning to their students.

Comprehensive and rigorous, yet a fun learning environment!

Lymboo Math's comprehensive diagnostic tests allow teachers to know their students and understand their needs in order to tailor learning strategies to maximize student outcomes. Students in differentiated classrooms have better learning experience and are more excited about their work.
Children have diverse instructional needs. While Lymboo Math differentiation sets the stage for an effective teaching and learning strategy, the program's adaptive learning system adjusts to the student's learning needs, resulting in a better and more effective learning experience.
The rich and comprehensive K–5 curriculum covers every math concept from multiple perspectives resulting in 360° of real, useful math — facts, basic concepts, application, word problems, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
Starting with the initial diagnostic test, through daily practice and periodic, progressive spiral review assignments, to year-end standardized test preparation, Lymboo Math structure provides continuous reinforcement of math concepts and builds a strong foundation in math.
Rigorous & Effective
Lymboo Math provides a rigorous and focused learning environment for students to excel in math. Unlimited practice problems, valuable feedback on strengths & weaknesses, and timely and up-to-date performance reports, help students to become independent learners and excel and thrive.

Lymboo Math is one of the students' friendly resources. It track down their progress over the year and helps the students work on the problems they're having issues with.

Myrna Lawson, Lakeside, UT